12/30/09 - RockLove in 2010  

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Reflecting back on my blog entries, practically every post includes an exclamation of "I can't believe it's already (January, March, October)!" This year has shot by like a anachronistic rocket, faster than any other of my paltry 24, and I'm left with quite a bit of anxiety for 2010.

Great things have happened in 2009, from Repo! The Genetic Opera Road Tour madness to Miley Cyrus wearing RockLove jewelry in her music videos and The Today Show. The website is starting to get a consistent quantity of daily sales, and I'm starting to sleep at the end of the month knowing I
can pay my bills.

But 2010 will be the make-it or break-it year. My goal of elevating RockLove to a full press-recognized, store-carried brand is so within reach it's terrifying. Recently I conquered the realm of (semi)affordable self employed health insurance... the world is mine for the taking.

I know it's not the most *business* savvy approach, but I feel the best way to defeat New Year woes is to write them down - and then burn the paper. I'm feeling candid and nostalgic, so I'm going to share my fears here.

1. New jewelry - I'm starting to wonder if my pieces are special enough... if they are accessible to all ages, if I can market them to mass media, rather than just the alternative niche. So far I've had some great and terrible luck with press, and part of that is because my jewelry is small and wearable - the "everyday jewelry" is not what pops in a fashion photo shoot. Maybe it's time for a higher end couture line, a new line of inexpensive shinies, and then start discontinuing those that fall in between? Less time focusing on PR, more time focusing on designing.

2. Miley Cyrus - I have to make it count! I'm so lucky that she enjoys my jewelry, and even more blessed that she wears it publicly... but as a business, I need to advertise that it's a RockLove product. Never have I had a celebrity client with such a huge following, plus beautiful modeled shots and stills from TV are practically falling from the sky into my lap. I've been sitting on the phone numbers for Teen Vogue and Seventeen for a week now because I'm scared to cold call the Fashion Directors and say "Hi, I own RockLove jewelry and want you to feature Miley Cyrus wearing my necklace in her latest music video." I'm terrified of MISSING a huge opportunity, and my bad experience with a past PR agent has left me gun-shy about hiring another. But I'm also fearful of an influx of orders and expansion before I'm equipped to handle it.

3. I'm burnt out. When will I get my fire again? I keep waking up later and later each morning... but NOT working, taking a break freaks me out more. I can't even watch a movie without jewelry in my hand or I feel like a bum. I'm obsessed! But that only fuels the fatigue.

4. I'm holding myself back. I'm fearful of expansion and not being able to handle it. I know there are things I could do to take it to the next level. I also am not emotionally ready to take out a big loan for either larger scale production or a press campaign.

5. Retail or Wholesale? As I stated above, I need to decide which I would rather focus on next - press and publicity to vastly increase my online retail sales (more stress and cost upfront, but greater profit IF it pans out)? Or focus on working with stores, embracing the wholesale frontier (far less profit, but more credibility as a brand). I've been stalling on my damned catalogue for months now... I need to just commit, print, and send it to stores. I've been researching stores since RockLove was conceived; I know who I want to approach. Right now I'm being a textbook example of self defeating prophesy.

That's the list of 2010 agida inducing topics... hopefully in a few months I'll be re-reading this post, yet again stating "I can't believe it's already March!" and laughing at how much I stressed about a simple calendar change. More importantly, I hope by then, I would have made progress!

We'll make it through! Here's to a new year of challenges! A new year of jewelry! And a new year of saying EFF-YOU to a desk job!

12/19/09 - More Miley  

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Just found out that Miley Cyrus is rockin' her Heart Lock and Key Charm Necklace in her "Party in the USA" music video - along with some Industrial Bangles.

12/14/09 - Vice Versus TV Feature  

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Hi Cats and Kittens!

A RockLove update now that I'm back in town - I popped on over to the west coast for a record low... only 36 hours in Los Angeles for the LA Bust Craftacular. They had a cancellation and asked if I was interested in the spot, so on a whim I booked a flight. Why not; the NYC Craftacular the previous Sunday had been a raging success with a line around a few Union Square blocks until about 5pm at night!

However this round I was not so lucky - rain hindered the event substantially. People in LA already have to compete with terrible traffic and no parking, so with Saturday's deluge, no one ventured out of the house to holiday shop. Ahh well, live and learn I suppose.

In other good news, I found out belatedly that my Dark Cameo Ring was pictured in the Time Out NY Issue #734 for the Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk Festival review.

AND - check out this awesomeness: I was a part of a Steampunk Feature for Vice Versus TV. It's quite well done, though I look pretty silly in most of it - a long day of following us around at events and they seem to choose shots where I look like a steamy airhead lost in space.

12/1/09 - Bust Craftacular NYC  

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This Sunday, come join me for my FINAL live vending show of the year! A great chance to meet hundreds of local crafters and complete your holiday shopping while the sales are good! Hope to see you there!

11/24/09 - Black Weekend Sale  

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Spent a long time today writing up the listings and descriptions for the new Imperial Collection - I've been getting quite the runaround as I attempt to launch. Originally I was gold plating, but my vendor won't get back to me, won't do the quantity we agreed upon, won't do the pricing I need. I am contemplating 14K, but yeesh, I certainly don't want to stock it - it will have to be made to order. Numerous photographers have a set of each new piece... as soon as they are done taking shots, the pieces will go LIVE on the RockLove website.

And none too soon - RockLove is celebrating Black Friday by making it a whole damn weekend event. Use the VIP coupon code for 10% off all weekend (November 27, 28, 29)... if you're planning to gift with rock and love, now is the best time to buy. Not only does it give me time before the holidays to make and ship the jewelry, but it saves you substantial money (and we all need that this time of year).

Crossing my fingers for Imperial ASAP!

11/13/09 - Friday the 13th Coupon  

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You all know damn well I've had a terrible last week and a half... so to give the negative energy the bird, I'm celebrating Friday the 13th with vivre!

Use the coupon code "fridaythe13th" TODAY ONLY for 13% off your entire purchase of any and everything on the RockLove website!

11/12/09 - This is My Life  

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This has been my life lately, I keep getting my ass served to me. Stupid frustrations, getting bit in the butt when I try to help out others, being told I'm not good enough or not what is wanted. Maybe it's the cold dreary weather but every once in a while I wonder why I didn't just stay with my day job, with dental insurance, a steady paycheck and no personal chopping block...

11/6/09 - Sick Day  

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I'm sick in bed today with a dry-cold... everything is sore and swollen, congested and icky. However, this makes me feel better:


TotusMel, an Etsy friend of which I own a few beautiful tattings, is wearing her RockLove Wrist Wrap in her online listings. She's so sweet :)

*cough cough* back to bed with me now...

10/30/09 - Oops I Did it Again  

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Oops, another giveaway went live at the same time - which is especially silly because I'm only doing two giveaways this season!

Not only is the Imperial Maltese Cross on Haute Macabre, but a Steampunk Keyhole Plate Pendant is available on Tor.com. They are concluding a month long celebration of Steampunk, so of course when they asked RockLove for a donation, I couldn't say no!

Tor is of course one of the largest publishing firms of science fiction and fantasy. Go to your bookshelf, pull down your favorite vampire or wizard or zombie or futurism book... chances are they published it.

So head on over *HERE* and enter for another free chance to win!

10/23/09 - Free RockLove Giveaway  

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It's a GIVEAWAY! I never do these, especially not with an unreleased collection... but Haute Macabre is featuring RockLove for a Halloween Freebie!

Haute Macabe the gothic fashion blog, my personal bible... CLICK HERE to enter for a chance to win a free Maltese Cross Necklace. Help me spread the word!

09/12/09 - Upcoming Shows  

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Yesterday Chris and I had a grand old time vending the Nyack Street Faire - a favorite event, it was a beautiful brisk day, so a deluge of shoppers from all around the tri-state descended upon the nautical town. There are five street faires there a year, and so far I've done all of them for the past two seasons - so devoted to the show because when RockLove went full-time I actually was living on Main Street as a local. I'm always warmed by my wonderful repeat customers - many come wearing their RockLove Jewelry. The past few shows I've seen men and women of all ages, proudly displaying my work and sending their friends to my booth.

I was interviewed by one of the local papers, so cross your fingers that RockLove will end up in their press. So many vendors come through that show as they trek across the east coast, but typically only the store owners represent the native businesses... it would be nice to feature RockLove as a company that got it's footing right in town.

I was naughty and decided to test the waters with my secret new collection (which I will leak is called the Imperial Collection). I wanted to see reactions and gauge price points, and
oh my goodness, it SOLD OUT! Now I have to frantically make more because in two weeks comes...

The Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk Festival II! Check out the website and press release - they even used my Dark Cameo Ring in the picture. Not only will I be vending, but a few friends, the always-supportive boyfriend, and I will be personally walking in the fashion show. Wearing my secret new collection for the press to snap up *wink*

Then after that comes Halloween... off to Philadelphia for the Dracula's Ball Halloween Festival! Come join me in costume for dancing, costumes, live music, vending, drinks, and more - it's an all ages event at my favorite east coast club.

A CONFESSION: I've been neglecting to put the new Studs Collection online because honestly my camera is not up to par. I will be shooting it this week, thank you so much for your outstanding patience! I kept trying to schedule a borrowed camera (a macro for my digital SLR is around $800), but I've also been adding new designs here and there, deciding to hold off and release the collection in it's entirety.

It's going to be a busy October.

09/06/09 - Auxilary Magazine  

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Auxilary Magazine just did a HUGE spread on RockLove - not only a feature of my jewelry on beautiful Siouxsie, but the centerfold SharonTK is also wearing the Dark Cameo pendant and ring set... all photographed by the fabulous Steve Prue.

The whole magazine rocks and is downloadable for FREE or you can order it in print.

Additionally, remember that grant in which I won silver place? The marketing director, Hilary, has been a wonderful mentor to me the past few months and wrote a beautiful blog about RockLove called "Breaking All the Rules." Check it out; some of the most encouraging words I've ever read - it's nice to know that people like that I'm conducting my business against the grain. Sometimes I worry I'm digging myself in a hole since other artists don't follow the same archetype. In fact, I fear that maybe the reason nobody else works like I do is BECAUSE it's a bad idea!

I keep plugging along nonet

In other news, Imago Zine came out - a beautiful thick glossy book about alternative culture and art... RockLove has a bit in there.

And I'm going to be vending Dracula's Ball in Philly this Halloween (my favorite holiday, any excuse for mulled apple cider and pumpkin pie)! Come see me!

09/28/09 - Upcoming Events and News  

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Almost October already? Time for some updates -

Practically finished with the Studs Collection; I've been slow to photograph it and upload to the website becaus
e I keep adding a piece or variation here or there. It will be up within October, I promise - ready for the holidays! It turned into quite the collection, including the highly anticipated Dark Cameo's, a faceted domed ring, pyramid post earrings, and more!

It will also be featured in this coming
month's down-loadable and in print edition of Auxillary Magazine.

Currently waiting on my Miley Cyrus momenta cards to arrive, so if you are interested in purchasing her Heart Lock and Key Charm Necklace for a young friend of family member (especially good holiday present), it will come with a postcard keepsake:

Also coming up for all those in the Tri-state is the Brooklyn Indie Mark
et Steampunk Festival II which I will have a booth at October 24th. There is also a steampunk fashion show, in which a few new and couture pieces will be previewed - hoping for some good photos with which to tease you!

Sunday, October 11th is also the final Nyack Street Faire, so come out all you Early-Holiday-Buyers!

And finally, this weekend I was a guest at the sold out NY Anime Festival at the Javits
Center, but despite being stopped for a MILLION photos, I can't seem to find one picture of myself online!

09/23/09 - Employee of the Month  

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Trying that again...

9/19/09 - Anthology Collection  

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You guys are so SNEAKY! I've just finished today putting up all the links and pictures for my new Anthology Collection, and already a few have you have purchased necklaces! How did you even FIND it without me announcing a thing?

an·thol·o·gy (n-thl-j)n. pl. an·thol·o·gies

1. A collection of literary pieces, such as poems, short stories, or plays.
2. A miscellany, assortment, or catalog, as of complaints, comments, or ideas

So the collection is out - a tre
asure trove of imported, handmade, and vintage charms with which you can build your own necklace. Each has a spiritual or historical significance, plus as some charms sell out, I will constantly offer new baubles on the website. There is a large spring ring attached so that you may add to your customized piece over time, plus change up it's components to match your outfit.

Hope you enjoy! Just another thing to add to your Holiday Wish List...

9/17/09 - SharonTK & MojoKiss  

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I love this new shot... SharonTK in my Dark Cameo Pendant and Ring set photographed (in film, not digital!) by MojoKiss.

In other news, a spread of shots by Steve Prue of TeamRockstar Images will be appearing in the October issue of Auxillary Magazine! Featuring RockLove Jewelry on the stunning Siouxie!

Some teasers on Sioux's Model Mayhem - recognize the Eagle Crest?

9/15/09 - ON SALE!  

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On sale this week! I have too many of them kicking around!

8/28/09 - Miley Cyrus on the Today Show  

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And we have liftoff - Miley shows RockLove some major love by wearing jewelry everywhere! This morning, she rocked a new unreleased Feather on Wine Silk Ribbon around her wrist (it can be worn as a necklace or wrap) and a Heart Lock and Key Charm Necklace on the Today Show stage in Rockefeller Center. Had I known, I could have been there! Ack!

Pictures online everywhere - Along with her wearing RockLove just out and about...

I guess I better get my butt in gear and list the feather necklace, which is not yet on the website. Hopefully the teen press will jump on this new jewelry she's sporting and do little RockLove features.

*crosses fingers*

Here you can see her wearing RockLove - plus I do really like this song...

8/27/09 - Ohgr  

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Some of you may know the band Skinny Puppy - an experimental post-industrial/electronica group I've listened to for many years now. Fronted by Nivek Ogre, he has recently created a side project "OhGr" which allows him to tinker even further with sounds and rhythmic theory. Yesterday I had the most wonderful philosophical conversation with Mark Walk, his partner in crime for this new endeavor, about their new upcoming album...

...we also tossed around ideas for some very special merchandise.

I cannot explain my joy at this cosmic timing. Last week I've been bemoaning my entry into the Hollywood world, feeling disjointed and discouraged despite my recent success in
the industry. It's just not ME, I feel like RockLove and my personal integrity are constantly being threatened by money mongers and opportunists who portray themselves as more important than they really are. I enjoy reading that my jewelry was seen on the red carpet, but honestly, I don't even advertise who struts in RockLove silver. Have you ever seen a word on my website about Courtney Love or Lindsey Lohan?

But Mark and Ohgr's ideals have remained connected with their fanbase - despite their renown, they have not been seduced from their original goals of a communal interactive shared experience between musician and listener. A beam of light that shines on a path I hope to follow.

RockLove is returning to its roots. I'm not interested in celebrities, I'm interested in music, community, artistry, and inter-connectedness. And for a while, I almost forgot that!

8/24/09 - Revamping  

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I know I've been a naughty blogger... reading my jewelry buddy Ashley's beautifully designed and maintained blog has made me feel quite guilty about slacking.

Recently I've had anywhere from one to five house guests crashing with the boyfriend and myself; up to seven people for the past we
ek and a half. A) This is the best birth control ever, cleaning up after everyone daily B) I have not gotten any work done. Those reading this - do not feel bad - I had a WONDERFUL time... but it's kick-the-rear-in-gear. I need to get back into the swing of RockLove. I figure since today is Monday, it's time to turn over a new leaf!

Step 1 - I need a better camera (or at least a macro lens). Brighter more colorful photos in addition to group shots for printed marketing materials. Anyone have a recommendation? I can use both digital and manual SLR...

Step 2 - I need to work on finalizing wholesale catalogues and press/media kits. Prepare to send to exclusively chosen new stores.

Step 3 - I need to update the RockLove website, stylize it a bit more, improve some of the photos and GIFs... generally make it more welcoming.

All of this on a shoestring budget and quickly since there are a million other balls I am currently juggling, none of which are a well filled bank account.

Not to mention this blog - which I keep letting fall to the wayside! I have exciting things happen all the time but typically by the time my 12-16 hour work day is over, I'm too exhausted to write about it.

So back to work for me... I'm thinking about a contest to both revive my energy and help strengthen the branding of RockLove. I'll need your help!

8/23/09 - Mags and Grants  

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RockLove shows up on numerous pin up models in Rebel Rodz #13 and Car Kulture Deluxe #35 featuring the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender from this past April. This is the 5th and 6th billy culture zine I've spied my work in... with more to come next month when the Ink-N-Iron covers release. Keep your eyes open - if you ever see RockLove in the press, let me know! Chances are I'm out of the loop :P

RockLove is honored as a Top 5 Silver Circle Finalist in a national annual competition for emerging designers "The Jewelry Design Business Development Grant" sponsored by industry supplier Halstead Bead Inc. The process was more complicated than a college application, so it was a relief that they liked my company (which is a bit more 'brand' rather than artsy, plus a little out there with the collabs and marketing). Though I didn't win the big money, I'm very excited about the door prize... they are carefully pairing me with an industry exec who will offer me personal advice and guidance for the next year (and probably longer with a developed friendship).

Truthfully, this will leave a greater impression than cash, since at this point in RockLove's progress, I'm floundering. Fearful of burning out, fearful of not doing enough, of missing opportunities, of taking too many projects on at once, at not utilizing my contacts or exploiting the fact that I live in NYC. Having no financial backing, of being a one woman show, of my production costs and disinterest in outsourcing or ditching quality for cheap overseas labor. Let's just say, owning your own company may seem glamorous, but most nights I fall asleep feeling way over my head.

8/20/09 - Keana Texeira wearing RockLove  

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Keana Texeira Wearing RockLove Double Key Necklace (and Anchor Necklace, Industrial Bangles, and Dark Cameo Round Ring)

7/27/09 - Update  

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7/12/09 - Fashion  

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Well why not, I want to blog about my current fashion (faux pas?) obsession.

You already know that fierce stilettos make me go gaga and playsuits are the way of the future... but if you have never met me in person, you might not know my penchant for eyeshadow. I'm one of those people that never understood the "day" and "night" makeup rule.

As a gal with rather bulbous eyes (visualize a prayin
g mantis) and a goth/rocker to boot, my peepers are the highlight of my face. Lately I've been into applying bright shadow all around my eye, including underneath and the bridge of my nose. Feathered and blended, I prefer one or two matching colors (pink and coral, orange and umber) rather than the clashing hipster thing, but extend it all the way out to my brow line. Afterward, I use liner (sometimes black shadow to keep the blended smokey look) and mascara to really pop the black against bright.

Currently I've been using a Chanel Quadra in Spice, along with some Cargo (wonderful Canadian line). But I have a few cheap Maybelline sets too that work just fine. If you have an Etsy seller to recommend who makes mineral shadow you love, I'm all ears!

In order to combat my Eastern European unibrow and to better match my vibrantly red hair (from a Feria box) - I shadow in my eyebrows. Rather meticulous about them, lest I look like I'm carrying my pet catipillar, I use a lip liner brush to blend in over the top a powdered auburn. The affect is a bit pin-up and cartoonesque, which is perfect for my personality since I gesticulate and make unintentional silly faces as I converse.

That's the latest - I actually got stopped in the street this week for a fashion blog, so I'll post that video as soon as I know it.