7/27/09 - Update  

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7/12/09 - Fashion  

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Well why not, I want to blog about my current fashion (faux pas?) obsession.

You already know that fierce stilettos make me go gaga and playsuits are the way of the future... but if you have never met me in person, you might not know my penchant for eyeshadow. I'm one of those people that never understood the "day" and "night" makeup rule.

As a gal with rather bulbous eyes (visualize a prayin
g mantis) and a goth/rocker to boot, my peepers are the highlight of my face. Lately I've been into applying bright shadow all around my eye, including underneath and the bridge of my nose. Feathered and blended, I prefer one or two matching colors (pink and coral, orange and umber) rather than the clashing hipster thing, but extend it all the way out to my brow line. Afterward, I use liner (sometimes black shadow to keep the blended smokey look) and mascara to really pop the black against bright.

Currently I've been using a Chanel Quadra in Spice, along with some Cargo (wonderful Canadian line). But I have a few cheap Maybelline sets too that work just fine. If you have an Etsy seller to recommend who makes mineral shadow you love, I'm all ears!

In order to combat my Eastern European unibrow and to better match my vibrantly red hair (from a Feria box) - I shadow in my eyebrows. Rather meticulous about them, lest I look like I'm carrying my pet catipillar, I use a lip liner brush to blend in over the top a powdered auburn. The affect is a bit pin-up and cartoonesque, which is perfect for my personality since I gesticulate and make unintentional silly faces as I converse.

That's the latest - I actually got stopped in the street this week for a fashion blog, so I'll post that video as soon as I know it.

7/10/09 - AN Original Jewelry  

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Unfortunately, she beat me to the punch... I meant to write this blog two weeks ago! Instead she featured me first - check out the wonderful things she said about me today!

Introducing Ashley Nizolek, the talented artist of A.N. Original Jewelry - and my best business buddy. Online friends, we've never met, which is astounding considering how long and frequently we've been brainstorming on bettering our businesses. Very few creators in the industry share their deep dark secrets, though since the budding of both our companies, we've helped each other make graphics, websites, line sheets, press releases, and more. Stressed over the phone with the announcements of the Economic Crisis, celebrated over AIM as we get new press, and traded jewelry in thanks for the others assistance.

Very different in technique, Ashley creates whimsical silhouettes and floral beauties hand pierced in sterling silver. Each piece is from scratch, rather than molded and cast, and her lines and finish are immaculate. With a distinctive touch, I am honored to watch her release new collections (haha I even get previews before they go public) and see her grow a signature recognizable style. One of the best representations - she was Etsy's featured seller in October 2008, rocking the scene with her funky yet classy Halloween series! Dominating all the front pages, read the interview!

Not only is Ashley a devoted jeweler and friend, she is also one of the best photographers I've seen! A few weeks ago, I helped her code her new blog, and already it is filled with stunning snapshots brimming with outdoor joie de vive. I definitely recommend not only checking out her Main Website and Etsy Store, but to follow the AN Original Blog for a daily dosage of nostalgia and smiles.

7/3/09 - Teen Choice Awards  

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RockLove has been growing by terrifying leaps and bounds - so much so that I have nightmares about missing opportunities, losing prototypes... Well technically last night was something about running from people trying to kill me on a cruise ship. But I'm sure that was a metaphor for stress...

Next up on the RockLove radar - some crazy new projects! How have I been so fortunate to meet such generous and talented stylists, publicists, and creators chomping at the bit to take me under their wing? Somewhere
written in the stars, RockLove sits in luck-land.

RockLove has received the exclusive invite to be a part
of the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2009 gift suite - on top of 150 celebrities receiving a Heart Lock and Key Charm Necklace, the jewelry will end up photographed and credited in numerous magazines and celeb-blogs.

In the future, RockLove is teaming up with the new teen film trilogy "SOULSTICE" - which if all pans well will be a TV show too. A la "Twilight" and "TrueBlood" the series couldn't come at a better time; the general populas is enamoured with the romanticism of gothic culture. Dark, edgy, vampy, it's the perfect fit for RockLove's next tryst with Hollywood.


A-listers have discovered RockLove... stay tuned for some major wearers. Everyone from Kat Von D to Miley Cyrus to Fran Drescher have found RockLove Jewelry refreshing!

And on a final note - collaborations with GOTHIC CHARM SCHOOL and the future online-novel MirrorLAnd! More to come! Join me if you can this Wednesday for the Charm School release tea party (and the unveiling of their exclusive RockLove Batty Heart Necklace)!