8/28/09 - Miley Cyrus on the Today Show  

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And we have liftoff - Miley shows RockLove some major love by wearing jewelry everywhere! This morning, she rocked a new unreleased Feather on Wine Silk Ribbon around her wrist (it can be worn as a necklace or wrap) and a Heart Lock and Key Charm Necklace on the Today Show stage in Rockefeller Center. Had I known, I could have been there! Ack!

Pictures online everywhere - Along with her wearing RockLove just out and about...

I guess I better get my butt in gear and list the feather necklace, which is not yet on the website. Hopefully the teen press will jump on this new jewelry she's sporting and do little RockLove features.

*crosses fingers*

Here you can see her wearing RockLove - plus I do really like this song...

8/27/09 - Ohgr  

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Some of you may know the band Skinny Puppy - an experimental post-industrial/electronica group I've listened to for many years now. Fronted by Nivek Ogre, he has recently created a side project "OhGr" which allows him to tinker even further with sounds and rhythmic theory. Yesterday I had the most wonderful philosophical conversation with Mark Walk, his partner in crime for this new endeavor, about their new upcoming album...

...we also tossed around ideas for some very special merchandise.

I cannot explain my joy at this cosmic timing. Last week I've been bemoaning my entry into the Hollywood world, feeling disjointed and discouraged despite my recent success in
the industry. It's just not ME, I feel like RockLove and my personal integrity are constantly being threatened by money mongers and opportunists who portray themselves as more important than they really are. I enjoy reading that my jewelry was seen on the red carpet, but honestly, I don't even advertise who struts in RockLove silver. Have you ever seen a word on my website about Courtney Love or Lindsey Lohan?

But Mark and Ohgr's ideals have remained connected with their fanbase - despite their renown, they have not been seduced from their original goals of a communal interactive shared experience between musician and listener. A beam of light that shines on a path I hope to follow.

RockLove is returning to its roots. I'm not interested in celebrities, I'm interested in music, community, artistry, and inter-connectedness. And for a while, I almost forgot that!

8/24/09 - Revamping  

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I know I've been a naughty blogger... reading my jewelry buddy Ashley's beautifully designed and maintained blog has made me feel quite guilty about slacking.

Recently I've had anywhere from one to five house guests crashing with the boyfriend and myself; up to seven people for the past we
ek and a half. A) This is the best birth control ever, cleaning up after everyone daily B) I have not gotten any work done. Those reading this - do not feel bad - I had a WONDERFUL time... but it's kick-the-rear-in-gear. I need to get back into the swing of RockLove. I figure since today is Monday, it's time to turn over a new leaf!

Step 1 - I need a better camera (or at least a macro lens). Brighter more colorful photos in addition to group shots for printed marketing materials. Anyone have a recommendation? I can use both digital and manual SLR...

Step 2 - I need to work on finalizing wholesale catalogues and press/media kits. Prepare to send to exclusively chosen new stores.

Step 3 - I need to update the RockLove website, stylize it a bit more, improve some of the photos and GIFs... generally make it more welcoming.

All of this on a shoestring budget and quickly since there are a million other balls I am currently juggling, none of which are a well filled bank account.

Not to mention this blog - which I keep letting fall to the wayside! I have exciting things happen all the time but typically by the time my 12-16 hour work day is over, I'm too exhausted to write about it.

So back to work for me... I'm thinking about a contest to both revive my energy and help strengthen the branding of RockLove. I'll need your help!

8/23/09 - Mags and Grants  

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RockLove shows up on numerous pin up models in Rebel Rodz #13 and Car Kulture Deluxe #35 featuring the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender from this past April. This is the 5th and 6th billy culture zine I've spied my work in... with more to come next month when the Ink-N-Iron covers release. Keep your eyes open - if you ever see RockLove in the press, let me know! Chances are I'm out of the loop :P

RockLove is honored as a Top 5 Silver Circle Finalist in a national annual competition for emerging designers "The Jewelry Design Business Development Grant" sponsored by industry supplier Halstead Bead Inc. The process was more complicated than a college application, so it was a relief that they liked my company (which is a bit more 'brand' rather than artsy, plus a little out there with the collabs and marketing). Though I didn't win the big money, I'm very excited about the door prize... they are carefully pairing me with an industry exec who will offer me personal advice and guidance for the next year (and probably longer with a developed friendship).

Truthfully, this will leave a greater impression than cash, since at this point in RockLove's progress, I'm floundering. Fearful of burning out, fearful of not doing enough, of missing opportunities, of taking too many projects on at once, at not utilizing my contacts or exploiting the fact that I live in NYC. Having no financial backing, of being a one woman show, of my production costs and disinterest in outsourcing or ditching quality for cheap overseas labor. Let's just say, owning your own company may seem glamorous, but most nights I fall asleep feeling way over my head.

8/20/09 - Keana Texeira wearing RockLove  

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Keana Texeira Wearing RockLove Double Key Necklace (and Anchor Necklace, Industrial Bangles, and Dark Cameo Round Ring)