3/26/08 - Palimpsest  

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Palimpsest Bee Compass Pendant

Long awaited, this signature piece, along with the inspiring novel "Palimpsest," have traveled through parallel worlds and time to finally grace your neck, bringing you memory of a stranger's love.

An exclusive collaboration between RockLove and the talented young author Catherynne Valente, this piece was inspired by her newest writing "Palimpsest" - all proceeds go directly to benefit her creation and book tours! Weighty and three dimensional, spanning a bold 1.5 inches at it's longest point, this solid hand crafted and cast sterling silver piece will always point true. The compass directs you on the path of dreams and the delicate bee reminisces of nature's fragility and mortality.

*Catherynne Valente's Website*
*Book available for purchase on Amazon*

3/26/09 - South Beach and Jersey  

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I've lost my voice - the past few days have been less than productive, with a cold kicking my ass. Either way, I'm off to South Beach, Miami for rest, relaxation, and a sun tan. Chris and I haven't gone on a vacation in a while; with both our works intensifying with the holiday season...

Lucky him, we get to visit his awesome condo-living, chef-caliber partying parents, on Spring Break weekend, for my birthday, topless Nikki Beach with a girlfriend who has to keep her mouth shut due to laryngitis.

I just don't want tan lines. And two words: WET WILLIES

As you can see by the picture, last time we were there was quite a few years ago - I was just back from Italy and still with butt lengthed natural blonde hair.

In other news, had a great time in New Jersey last weekend performing with the 'Midnight Surgeons' Repo Shadow Cast. Many photos and vids can be found online - or if you haven't yet, friend me on Facebook ("RockLove"), and amuse yourself looking through my tagged photos.

The cast consists of all my favorite east coast Repo krew, and frequently I reflect on how lucky I am to have found such a tight knit grou
p of friends. Never have I had such a large support network of like minds - it couldn't have come at a more perfect (vulnerable, stressful, needy, overworked) time in my life.

Studs Collection has been coming along but was delayed by this week of illness...

Need to write a RockLove Newsletter, post Phililp Warner's latest modeled photo of the Anthology Collection, and another blog about my latest collaboration with the novel "Palimpsest"... I think I'll do it from the b

Oh and finally - honorably I was made an official "Girls of Steampunk" member! Huzzah!

3/23/08 - RockLove Will Be Busy  

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Additional Dates:
- March 27-31st ~~~ (Allison AND RockLove's *1st* Birthday)
- April 25-26th
~~~ (RockLove Vending at the Nyack New York SpringFest)
- May 17th
~~~ (HOPEFULLY Vending at the NYC Bust Craftacular)

3/16/09 - My Schedule  

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My schedule is going to kill me.

Monday/Tuesday - upstate for 2 days to meet with Emily and Ashley of Torch Song Metals (buisness meeting and planning for our collaborative line and Ink-N-Iron).

Saturday - NJ for Repo Shadow Cast

End of March = South Beach (Miami) for a well needed holiday vacation and birthday celebration

1st weekend of April = Thain and Kaylee meetup
2nd weekend of April = Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender
(then back to NYC on Monday)
3rd weekend of April = Fangoria Horror Show in LA
4th weekend of April = Nyack SpringFest in upstate NY

This is Allison shriveling up and dying of exhaustion as she scrambles to MAKE all the jewelry for these shows in between flying, packing, and partying. Cross your fingers I'll survive it, and if you're in LA/Vegas/Miami/NY then give me a call!

3/10/09 - Lusting  

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RockLove's anthem and name is based upon the idea of mutual respect and inspiration between artists... so it is a travesty that I have yet to introduce you to one of my favorite like-minded steamerpunkers, Pamela of TotusMel. Not only is she a radical mother with hair the color of Jelly Bellies (with just as many flavor options), but she too embraces an antiquated craft to create something fiercely unique while simultaneously edgy and anachronistic. Tatting, something we might have watched our grandmothers do in half-interest while playing at their feet, is an art near-lost...

Pam, along with a small community of other devotees, are reviving the form and exceeding the traditions of doilies, table cloths, buttons, and lace collars. With the prevalence of Victorian revival and Steampunk, the delicate work is becoming a staple in gothic fashion. Not that I know a thing about it's creation, mind - I can carve silver and cast gold, but cannot FATHOM the complexity of these intricate pieces!

Not only does TotusMel represent exquisite work, but she pushes the gamut of conventional accessories. Her latest work, anklet and foot adornments, are my personal favorite! Collars fit for Queen Elizabeth, with more knots than the blackwork on Isabella of Spains chemise! Another stunning addition to her collection are the beaded masks, perfect for a ball, carnivale, masquerade, or midnight tryst.

A frequenter of my own blog, we keep tabs on the others musings and doings - currently she is offering a generous discount and an exciting giveaway to commemorate her first anniversary of blogging and near third on Etsy. Congratulations!

Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense
TotusMel Etsy Store

Better yet... Pamela proudly wears a RockLove black rubber wrist wrap. Thanks TotusMel!

3/9/08 - Happy Purim  

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3/6/09 - Tax Time  

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On top of Wicked Con, then moving apartments (the studio is looking awesome)... it's the most feared time of year...


I'm sitting at my desk surrounded by about a half dozen piles of sorted receipts along with another mountain of unreviewed pages behind me. Not to mention all those online invoices for materials, travel, server/site/PayPal bills, Etsy payments, costuming, order confirmations...

Anyone want to hide along with me under the bed and hope the government isn't interested in our businesses? I've got a box of cookies and some JuJu fish...

For fun, here's a glimpse of my first run through the Wicked Steampunk Costume Contest. For the initial screening we were supposed to walk, pose, and move off - however the audio tech had the hots for me and instead cued some Juno Reactor. Ever the exhibitionist, I shook my money maker. You miss the beginning however; to get to the ground I actually slid into the splits. Like a bawssss :P

3/2/09 - Moved Again  

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I know I've been MIA for the thousandth time - but I swear to good reason. Not only was I out for Wicked Faire, but this past week and weekend I have up and MOVED again. This would be apartment number 4 in 2.5 years... number 6 since I started dating Chris.

After no sleep at the Con I came home to 250 Repo Scalpel orders, an unpacked apartment, and a rapidly approaching moving day. We managed it all, though technically Fios has yet to hook up our internet and cable, nor do we have any furniture beyond my studio and the kitchen. Thankfully, Chris ran out and got for me a wi-fi USB so I can at least access my administrative s
ite and PayPal to ship out the jewelry!

The Con was amazing, despite being T-boned in Maggie's car by a drunk driver the night before in Philly... Tori (the other Gentern) and I were almost taken out; so much so that we couldn't even get out of that side of the vehicle, the doors were crunched in. The rest of the cast was amazing, th
e lighting and stage were shockingly professional, and the crowd was more enthusiastic than any I've seen on Road Tour! Tons more about that, but you can find plenty of pictures here:

Wicked Faire Flickr Pool

I did a bit of Steampunk Belly Dance, posed for many a photo, and won second place in the costume contest. I guess
it's not too appropriate to have the gyrating half naked contestant take the grand prize... ah well. I gave my second place gift to the third place "Roller Up" - a beautiful woman on old fashioned steamy roller skates.

Some incredible dancing in the evenings, a friend and fellow cast member says he got video of me having an impromptu industrial dance battle with this other guy. Here's hoping - I think you'll be impressed.

Back to unpacking and jewelry shipping - I will post more about Wicked, the amazing new friends, and videos from the stage asap!