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RockLove's anthem and name is based upon the idea of mutual respect and inspiration between artists... so it is a travesty that I have yet to introduce you to one of my favorite like-minded steamerpunkers, Pamela of TotusMel. Not only is she a radical mother with hair the color of Jelly Bellies (with just as many flavor options), but she too embraces an antiquated craft to create something fiercely unique while simultaneously edgy and anachronistic. Tatting, something we might have watched our grandmothers do in half-interest while playing at their feet, is an art near-lost...

Pam, along with a small community of other devotees, are reviving the form and exceeding the traditions of doilies, table cloths, buttons, and lace collars. With the prevalence of Victorian revival and Steampunk, the delicate work is becoming a staple in gothic fashion. Not that I know a thing about it's creation, mind - I can carve silver and cast gold, but cannot FATHOM the complexity of these intricate pieces!

Not only does TotusMel represent exquisite work, but she pushes the gamut of conventional accessories. Her latest work, anklet and foot adornments, are my personal favorite! Collars fit for Queen Elizabeth, with more knots than the blackwork on Isabella of Spains chemise! Another stunning addition to her collection are the beaded masks, perfect for a ball, carnivale, masquerade, or midnight tryst.

A frequenter of my own blog, we keep tabs on the others musings and doings - currently she is offering a generous discount and an exciting giveaway to commemorate her first anniversary of blogging and near third on Etsy. Congratulations!

Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense
TotusMel Etsy Store

Better yet... Pamela proudly wears a RockLove black rubber wrist wrap. Thanks TotusMel!

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Aww, you're too sweet, thanks for the plug!

March 10, 2009 at 7:36 AM

Who made this tatted marvel and how? I found the mask instructions on the internet but would like to know how to make the neck.

December 10, 2009 at 2:35 PM

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