09/28/09 - Upcoming Events and News  

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Almost October already? Time for some updates -

Practically finished with the Studs Collection; I've been slow to photograph it and upload to the website becaus
e I keep adding a piece or variation here or there. It will be up within October, I promise - ready for the holidays! It turned into quite the collection, including the highly anticipated Dark Cameo's, a faceted domed ring, pyramid post earrings, and more!

It will also be featured in this coming
month's down-loadable and in print edition of Auxillary Magazine.

Currently waiting on my Miley Cyrus momenta cards to arrive, so if you are interested in purchasing her Heart Lock and Key Charm Necklace for a young friend of family member (especially good holiday present), it will come with a postcard keepsake:

Also coming up for all those in the Tri-state is the Brooklyn Indie Mark
et Steampunk Festival II which I will have a booth at October 24th. There is also a steampunk fashion show, in which a few new and couture pieces will be previewed - hoping for some good photos with which to tease you!

Sunday, October 11th is also the final Nyack Street Faire, so come out all you Early-Holiday-Buyers!

And finally, this weekend I was a guest at the sold out NY Anime Festival at the Javits
Center, but despite being stopped for a MILLION photos, I can't seem to find one picture of myself online!

09/23/09 - Employee of the Month  

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Trying that again...

9/19/09 - Anthology Collection  

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You guys are so SNEAKY! I've just finished today putting up all the links and pictures for my new Anthology Collection, and already a few have you have purchased necklaces! How did you even FIND it without me announcing a thing?

an·thol·o·gy (n-thl-j)n. pl. an·thol·o·gies

1. A collection of literary pieces, such as poems, short stories, or plays.
2. A miscellany, assortment, or catalog, as of complaints, comments, or ideas

So the collection is out - a tre
asure trove of imported, handmade, and vintage charms with which you can build your own necklace. Each has a spiritual or historical significance, plus as some charms sell out, I will constantly offer new baubles on the website. There is a large spring ring attached so that you may add to your customized piece over time, plus change up it's components to match your outfit.

Hope you enjoy! Just another thing to add to your Holiday Wish List...

9/17/09 - SharonTK & MojoKiss  

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I love this new shot... SharonTK in my Dark Cameo Pendant and Ring set photographed (in film, not digital!) by MojoKiss.

In other news, a spread of shots by Steve Prue of TeamRockstar Images will be appearing in the October issue of Auxillary Magazine! Featuring RockLove Jewelry on the stunning Siouxie!

Some teasers on Sioux's Model Mayhem - recognize the Eagle Crest?

9/15/09 - ON SALE!  

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On sale this week! I have too many of them kicking around!