9/19/09 - Anthology Collection  

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You guys are so SNEAKY! I've just finished today putting up all the links and pictures for my new Anthology Collection, and already a few have you have purchased necklaces! How did you even FIND it without me announcing a thing?

an·thol·o·gy (n-thl-j)n. pl. an·thol·o·gies

1. A collection of literary pieces, such as poems, short stories, or plays.
2. A miscellany, assortment, or catalog, as of complaints, comments, or ideas

So the collection is out - a tre
asure trove of imported, handmade, and vintage charms with which you can build your own necklace. Each has a spiritual or historical significance, plus as some charms sell out, I will constantly offer new baubles on the website. There is a large spring ring attached so that you may add to your customized piece over time, plus change up it's components to match your outfit.

Hope you enjoy! Just another thing to add to your Holiday Wish List...

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