07/27/10 - UFC Magazine + Celebrities  

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Some new press in RockLove land! A beautiful beachy six page editorial including the Anthology Collection on MMA fighter Joseph Benavidez in the Aug/Sept 2010 UFC Magazine. Click the cover to see the feature:

And actress Taylor Cole spotted at the San Diego Comic Con wearing RockLove Industrial Bangles, Wrist Wraps, and a custom Dark Cameo Necklace!

In other news, somebunny may be wearing jewelry in an upcoming magazine feature... and at some point soon, Gothic Beauty Magazine should have a RockLove spread. Meanwhile I am finishing up my new Medallion collection, inspired by the turn-of-the-century fobs awarded by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria to their courtiers. Having some trouble with the very last design... want to incorporate color, gemstones since I feel so much of my jewelry is big silver thing on chain silver thing. Looking at the prototypes now, and just ONE variation is not quite right. But quite excited nonetheless - I wear two of them daily and get frequent compliments.

EDIT: I didn't realize I missed posting a magazine article - an extensive interview of RockLove about online marketing, specifically Facebook in Art Calendar Magazine. Only thing is, the interview was many months before this issue hit newsstands, so some of the stats are embarrassingly off. At one point they exclaim at a 10 different responses by the next day... when now I get 50 within a few hours. Ahhh progress! Thankful for the inclusion!

7/6/10 - The Catch 22  

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I am dying here, absolutely dying...

I need to either:
A) get an investor

B) get a loan
C) go at it by myself

So that I may either:
D) hire a new PR agent

E) hire a sales rep
F) hire a new branding designer FIRST so that when I hire either D) or E) I have better materials

In addition I need to:

G) make and sell new merchandise (Collide, Abney Park, Sailor Twain, Repo Z-guns)
H) make market sell (and make custom boxes for) a new line of steel belt buckles

I) new RockLove Logo - for the
usage of F) the branding designer and J) totes H) buckles
J) RockLove tote bag thank you gifts
K) Civilian Press workings
L) new higher end gold and diamond Medallion line so that when it comes time...
M) hire a photographer for new product shots for the F) branding designer's new materials

Z) all the fancy stores and press f
rom the D) PR agent and E) sales rep are impressed and want to carry/promote RockLove. Once they see F) branding designer's fancy look books and line sheets.

.... and this doesn't include other projects, collaborations, SEO optimizing, revamping my blog, improving the website, making/shipping jewelry, customer service, current stores ....

I would ball up and cry except it's 100 degrees precisely outside and if any part of my body touches itself, my skin will melt together permanently with the heat.