11/24/09 - Black Weekend Sale  

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Spent a long time today writing up the listings and descriptions for the new Imperial Collection - I've been getting quite the runaround as I attempt to launch. Originally I was gold plating, but my vendor won't get back to me, won't do the quantity we agreed upon, won't do the pricing I need. I am contemplating 14K, but yeesh, I certainly don't want to stock it - it will have to be made to order. Numerous photographers have a set of each new piece... as soon as they are done taking shots, the pieces will go LIVE on the RockLove website.

And none too soon - RockLove is celebrating Black Friday by making it a whole damn weekend event. Use the VIP coupon code for 10% off all weekend (November 27, 28, 29)... if you're planning to gift with rock and love, now is the best time to buy. Not only does it give me time before the holidays to make and ship the jewelry, but it saves you substantial money (and we all need that this time of year).

Crossing my fingers for Imperial ASAP!

11/13/09 - Friday the 13th Coupon  

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You all know damn well I've had a terrible last week and a half... so to give the negative energy the bird, I'm celebrating Friday the 13th with vivre!

Use the coupon code "fridaythe13th" TODAY ONLY for 13% off your entire purchase of any and everything on the RockLove website!

11/12/09 - This is My Life  

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This has been my life lately, I keep getting my ass served to me. Stupid frustrations, getting bit in the butt when I try to help out others, being told I'm not good enough or not what is wanted. Maybe it's the cold dreary weather but every once in a while I wonder why I didn't just stay with my day job, with dental insurance, a steady paycheck and no personal chopping block...

11/6/09 - Sick Day  

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I'm sick in bed today with a dry-cold... everything is sore and swollen, congested and icky. However, this makes me feel better:


TotusMel, an Etsy friend of which I own a few beautiful tattings, is wearing her RockLove Wrist Wrap in her online listings. She's so sweet :)

*cough cough* back to bed with me now...