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Well why not, I want to blog about my current fashion (faux pas?) obsession.

You already know that fierce stilettos make me go gaga and playsuits are the way of the future... but if you have never met me in person, you might not know my penchant for eyeshadow. I'm one of those people that never understood the "day" and "night" makeup rule.

As a gal with rather bulbous eyes (visualize a prayin
g mantis) and a goth/rocker to boot, my peepers are the highlight of my face. Lately I've been into applying bright shadow all around my eye, including underneath and the bridge of my nose. Feathered and blended, I prefer one or two matching colors (pink and coral, orange and umber) rather than the clashing hipster thing, but extend it all the way out to my brow line. Afterward, I use liner (sometimes black shadow to keep the blended smokey look) and mascara to really pop the black against bright.

Currently I've been using a Chanel Quadra in Spice, along with some Cargo (wonderful Canadian line). But I have a few cheap Maybelline sets too that work just fine. If you have an Etsy seller to recommend who makes mineral shadow you love, I'm all ears!

In order to combat my Eastern European unibrow and to better match my vibrantly red hair (from a Feria box) - I shadow in my eyebrows. Rather meticulous about them, lest I look like I'm carrying my pet catipillar, I use a lip liner brush to blend in over the top a powdered auburn. The affect is a bit pin-up and cartoonesque, which is perfect for my personality since I gesticulate and make unintentional silly faces as I converse.

That's the latest - I actually got stopped in the street this week for a fashion blog, so I'll post that video as soon as I know it.

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As a professional media makeup artist, I think I can weigh in on this. I love the look of vibrant eyes, especially a vibrant color in combination with a slight smoke. I have found that the BEST liner pencil to achieve the smoke along with the color burst, without dealing with a muddy look, is MAC Eye Kohls in Smolder or Tarnish depending on what kind of intensity your looking for. They Eye Kohls are very soft and have a powdery finish that allows for no mess smoke blending with a small smoking brush.

As far as incredibly vibrance for the eye shadow itself? Go with your choice of color in MAC pigments, they are super fine loose powder, but have serious color saturation and intensity. Be careful though, a little goes a long way! The best thing though is that pigments can be turned into custom lip glosses, blush, mascaras etc if you purchase a couple different Mac primers and such.

This is incredibly long, but try it out! Oh and if you want to use the pigments, its sometimes useful to add some extra loose powder under your eyes in case you get some fallout, its easy to brush away when your done!

July 12, 2009 at 8:56 AM

If your worried about the learning curve with the loose pigments, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay and Shu Uemura also have some great saturated colors. The perk to using Makeup Forever is that its all waterproof! But really theres no comparison to the color saturation of MAC pigments!

Meant to ad this before...with vibrant and smokey eyes, its really important to play up your lashes as well so you eyes don't start sinking into your face in competition with the vibrant colors. A great mascara can really bring your look to the next level!

I've tried every Mascara under the sun, and have been disappointed by most, however, I can whole heartedly recommend these for their overall fabulousness! (but don't bother with waterproof versions unless your into wasting your money)

DiorShow Mascra in "Blackout" by Dior
Benefit "Bal Gal Lash" or "Get Bent"

Both Benefit formulas are great, Bad Gal is a big fat Lash Brush and Get Bent is an angled smaller brush (but still quite large). DiorShow is a big fat brush, so make sure not to load the brush too much unless you want to look like Tammy Faye Mesner Baker whatever.

I personally am devoted to DiorShow Mascara but think the rest of their products are highly over rated!

July 12, 2009 at 9:08 AM

HAHAHA dear god woman, takin over my comments :P

Really? Gonna have to check out the mascara - most of them totally clump for me since I have unruly lashes. And agreed, I need to get some new MAC shadow... they have excellent reds and pinks to offset my ridiculous hair (which is now even more vibrant since I changed colors).

I look like a sunset puked on me :)

July 12, 2009 at 10:07 AM

hahaha sorry to be so crazy on your comments but I just wanted to give ya a couple tips!

If you have clumping issues I would go with the DiorShow Mascara, and when your applying, push the mascara first to the base of your lashes without fully stroking them and then try to spin the brush in your fingers while you stroke outwards, might take some practice but it will help!

Also, important...dont get the MAC shadows, the colors look more vibrant in the package than they are, they end up being watered down and I really hate their coverage, make sure your getting MAC PIGMENTS, not shadow, totally different stuff :)

Oh yes, did I mention I get 40% off all MAC products? This comment just keeps getting better and better!

July 12, 2009 at 11:33 AM

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