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Unfortunately, she beat me to the punch... I meant to write this blog two weeks ago! Instead she featured me first - check out the wonderful things she said about me today!

Introducing Ashley Nizolek, the talented artist of A.N. Original Jewelry - and my best business buddy. Online friends, we've never met, which is astounding considering how long and frequently we've been brainstorming on bettering our businesses. Very few creators in the industry share their deep dark secrets, though since the budding of both our companies, we've helped each other make graphics, websites, line sheets, press releases, and more. Stressed over the phone with the announcements of the Economic Crisis, celebrated over AIM as we get new press, and traded jewelry in thanks for the others assistance.

Very different in technique, Ashley creates whimsical silhouettes and floral beauties hand pierced in sterling silver. Each piece is from scratch, rather than molded and cast, and her lines and finish are immaculate. With a distinctive touch, I am honored to watch her release new collections (haha I even get previews before they go public) and see her grow a signature recognizable style. One of the best representations - she was Etsy's featured seller in October 2008, rocking the scene with her funky yet classy Halloween series! Dominating all the front pages, read the interview!

Not only is Ashley a devoted jeweler and friend, she is also one of the best photographers I've seen! A few weeks ago, I helped her code her new blog, and already it is filled with stunning snapshots brimming with outdoor joie de vive. I definitely recommend not only checking out her Main Website and Etsy Store, but to follow the AN Original Blog for a daily dosage of nostalgia and smiles.

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