8/23/09 - Mags and Grants  

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RockLove shows up on numerous pin up models in Rebel Rodz #13 and Car Kulture Deluxe #35 featuring the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender from this past April. This is the 5th and 6th billy culture zine I've spied my work in... with more to come next month when the Ink-N-Iron covers release. Keep your eyes open - if you ever see RockLove in the press, let me know! Chances are I'm out of the loop :P

RockLove is honored as a Top 5 Silver Circle Finalist in a national annual competition for emerging designers "The Jewelry Design Business Development Grant" sponsored by industry supplier Halstead Bead Inc. The process was more complicated than a college application, so it was a relief that they liked my company (which is a bit more 'brand' rather than artsy, plus a little out there with the collabs and marketing). Though I didn't win the big money, I'm very excited about the door prize... they are carefully pairing me with an industry exec who will offer me personal advice and guidance for the next year (and probably longer with a developed friendship).

Truthfully, this will leave a greater impression than cash, since at this point in RockLove's progress, I'm floundering. Fearful of burning out, fearful of not doing enough, of missing opportunities, of taking too many projects on at once, at not utilizing my contacts or exploiting the fact that I live in NYC. Having no financial backing, of being a one woman show, of my production costs and disinterest in outsourcing or ditching quality for cheap overseas labor. Let's just say, owning your own company may seem glamorous, but most nights I fall asleep feeling way over my head.

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you are not alone in that feeling. but stick to your guns, your art and business is all you so you can be confident in staying true to that. your customers and conscience will thank you.

August 23, 2009 at 8:23 AM

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