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Yesterday Chris and I had a grand old time vending the Nyack Street Faire - a favorite event, it was a beautiful brisk day, so a deluge of shoppers from all around the tri-state descended upon the nautical town. There are five street faires there a year, and so far I've done all of them for the past two seasons - so devoted to the show because when RockLove went full-time I actually was living on Main Street as a local. I'm always warmed by my wonderful repeat customers - many come wearing their RockLove Jewelry. The past few shows I've seen men and women of all ages, proudly displaying my work and sending their friends to my booth.

I was interviewed by one of the local papers, so cross your fingers that RockLove will end up in their press. So many vendors come through that show as they trek across the east coast, but typically only the store owners represent the native businesses... it would be nice to feature RockLove as a company that got it's footing right in town.

I was naughty and decided to test the waters with my secret new collection (which I will leak is called the Imperial Collection). I wanted to see reactions and gauge price points, and
oh my goodness, it SOLD OUT! Now I have to frantically make more because in two weeks comes...

The Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk Festival II! Check out the website and press release - they even used my Dark Cameo Ring in the picture. Not only will I be vending, but a few friends, the always-supportive boyfriend, and I will be personally walking in the fashion show. Wearing my secret new collection for the press to snap up *wink*

Then after that comes Halloween... off to Philadelphia for the Dracula's Ball Halloween Festival! Come join me in costume for dancing, costumes, live music, vending, drinks, and more - it's an all ages event at my favorite east coast club.

A CONFESSION: I've been neglecting to put the new Studs Collection online because honestly my camera is not up to par. I will be shooting it this week, thank you so much for your outstanding patience! I kept trying to schedule a borrowed camera (a macro for my digital SLR is around $800), but I've also been adding new designs here and there, deciding to hold off and release the collection in it's entirety.

It's going to be a busy October.

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looking forward to it with baited breath :) love you darlin! Keep up the good work. Let me know if there's anything I can do to support... you still keen on us selling anything in Oz?

October 12, 2009 at 8:40 AM

Glad to see Nyack was a hit again, I'm not surprised. :)

October 12, 2009 at 9:11 AM

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