4/14/09 - Homecoming  

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Back from Vegas! The Rockabilly Weekender was amazing, and as pictures roll in, I will post an album, but what far outweighed my trip was the return.

Tired, hungry, motion sick, and hoarse from
the immense amounts of Vegas second hand smoke, Chris picks me up from the airport and is unnervingly quiet. No kisses, no hugs, no real conversation the whole way home. I'm feeling nauseous for two reasons now until we walk into the door and I find this:

My photos don't even do justice to the detail and posh contemporary vibe of our new living room - the side tables are black wood and glass with secret drawers, matching our black walls with white molding accents. The side lamps are on timers and dimmers, the coffee table opens on both sides to contain the DVD collection and other knickknacks. Pictures are framed of the two of us and our dog Adara as a puppy... candles (matching burgundy) are lit and the room glows. Even the switch plates are new detailed metal, everything in our favorite colors of black, red, silver, and gold. On the far side is our mounted flat screen TV, which has triple mood lighting above, is my favorite creation:

White bulb lamps (he even put energy savers in for me), contained in black bird cages (which we already had and couldn't think what to do with)... he then decorated them with these crystal bead wire things I used in part of an old costume back in college, and accented by little poppy silk flowers. How the HELL did he come up with something like this, I have no idea, but that boy could get a job interior designing!

I didn't count, but I think I burst into tears at least three times... I can't wait to have everyone come over and enjoy our new space! Everyone thinks they have the best boyfriend/husband, but sorry ladies. MINE JUST PROVED IT! Thank you Chris, I love you mostest!

4/5/09 - Fangoria Magazine  

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The bible of Horror, Fangoria Magazine interviews RockLove over a virtual cup of coffee (I spiked mine with e-Baileys).

Check out the feature here:

FANGO FASHION Profile: RockLove

I answer about RockLove's inspiration, creative process, collaborations, and work with Repo.

Oh oh AND, presenting RockL
ove Jewelry's first inspired-tattoo! Thanks to "Amanda[darling]" on the Repo Forum... I am sending her a special present in gratitude for popping my ink cherry.

4/4/09 - The Creepshow  

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A collaboration in planning over a year ago, but then both our lives and careers took crazy turns... now it's BACK ON! RockLove and the hard-rockin' psychobilly hellkat Sarah SIN of The Creepshow are working on new merchandise! Honestly one of my favorite bands in the scenes!

4/1/09 - Wicked Faire Costume Contest  

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Finally! The full steampunk costume contest video from Wicked Faire! Obviously I'm the belly dancer who impromptu hammed it up...


4/1/09 - Wunderkammer  

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Featured in TotusMel's stunning steampunk blog! I just subscribed, full of amazing finds!


Late last night Chris and I returned from a beautiful trip to Miami - sunburnt and with the same cold with which I left, only now more severe. It's put me devastatingly behind, and I feel like at some point I may just hack out a lung (and I don't even smoke). Each night I go to bed as the sun comes up, unable to breathe if I lay down and coughing too loud and frequently for Chris to sleep either. I've tried everything from 6 types of losenges, zicam, niquil, robitussen, tylenolPM, hot tea, gurgling salt water, hot water, even hydrogen peroxide something or other.

Last night I self medicated by sitting amongst blankets upright on the family room floor watching horror movies till 7am while continuously drinking little sips of hot water so poor Chris could sleep a bit before work.