2/6/09 - September Mourning  

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Announcing a brand new collaboration! The band September Mourning will soon be bleeding our ears dry with their industrial/metal/pop rocking...

Click the link to enjoy their sound:

September Mourning Website

The lead singer, the exuberant and stunning M Lazar has been a friend of mine for a while now. With three seperate careers under her belt, she went from being a professional ballerina and high end model to punk rocker. Not to mention she studied nuclear fusion in college - a slammin' body AND a brain! My favorite party and shopping buddy, it's been an amazing journey watching her ba
ttle with contracts, managers, and the creative process. Tooth and nail, this band has worked tirelessly and now they are ready to unveil... and check out their sponsorship! Holy hell, they will be headlining tours within the year, mark my words.

RockLove has been sponsoring M in her pursuit, and now I have the fortune to help them create some very unique merch. Going to one of their first open shows next week, I can't wait! Stay tuned for more updates about September Mourning, our collaboration, and M and my ridiculous antics in the wee dawn hours of downtown Manhattan...

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seems like I'm always congratulating you nowadays, well that & wishing I had a bit of your life!

February 6, 2009 at 12:21 PM

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