6/15/09 - Jet setting  

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I've been Jet Setting again and neglecting my blog again...

Just got back from another long week in LA; first for Ink-N-Iron 2009 and then additional days of networ
k-partying, photoshoots, and other glamorous exhausting events. Not a day went by that I was in bed before at LEAST 3am, if not quite a few nights of 5:30 in the wee hours of the morn! New Yorkers, when we meet we are on time, grab a coffee, a dinner, whatever. But in Hollywood you have to go for drinks, go shopping, meet at a photoshoot, continue to a club... and always an hour or two after the official designated time "IN CASE OF TRAFFIC."

Now I'm sad to say that many people missed the lovely banner Chris made for the front of my website... upon my return to the city I am about 100 orders behind with more flowing in steadily (some of which are the tail end of the Repo Scalpel Necklaces). Ackkk, WHEN will I be able to afford a slew of clones to help me manage this increasing workload?

Ink-N-Iron was a blast, working with
Emily Postula, my colleague who owns the store Torch Song Metals in upstate Nyack. I brought her along to sell her own work and help assist me with our collaborative line (which will soon be on the site). We also adjoined our 10 foot booth to the Pin Up Angels, whom RockLove has sponsored for about two years now. This was my second Ink-N-Iron with the ladies, but the first time in which I had my own real vending space. Quite nervous, Em and I had no idea how much merchandise to make or what to expect!

Friday through Sunday our booth was open until 10pm at night (mandatory), and then afterward I would party on the ship with the tattoo artists/vendors, check out the burlesque shows, join on the dance floor... pushing myself to experience everything the show had to offer. I'm glad I did - made some amazing new friends in psychobilly bands: The Creepshow, Koffin Kats, and the HorrorPops.

Other exciting connections and potential upcoming photos include: Tattoo Magazine, Tattoo Life, Rebel Rodz, Inked Magazine, and more... my personal favorite being Maxim Magazine. I've been a Maxim reader for damn near a decade, plus their very sweet stylist and photographer loved my work. I can't wait for the day I go into the bathroom, pull out my trusty subscription, and play "Where's Waldo" with RockLove jewelry.

Not only did I get to see all my favorite Angels, but I revisited and made new friends with the scene's photographers. Here is Susana of Vestige with her stylist Christina, plus Cathy of Through My Eyes Photography, Roy Varga, Jorge of JMVfoto, etc...

In fact, later that week after the show, Jorge shot ME as the model:

Stayed at my girl, Black Grace's house - she and her roommate Josie took me to all the LA hotspots and in turn I took them to my meetings/parties. Venice Beach, Swingers in Santa Monica, The Cactus for midnight tacos, The Rainbow for 80's rockstars, Cat and the Fiddle... and Grace took me to see where she grew up in 29 Palms.

I'm such a city dork, I took a MILLION photos of the desert! I've never been to a place where people rake their backyard... and it's just DIRT. Dumbfounded by the windmills, I felt like Don Quixote!

I had a wonderful time this round in LA and met some great new friends. Emma, a Hollywood stylist, is one of my new favorite people (besides Grace, whom I got to know much better, which was lovely)... Emma not only helped me out both Saturday and Sunday at Ink-N-Iron, but she introduced me to my new headband wearing
obsession, making by hand for me my little growing collection.

Another reason Emma is so cool (besides passing as my older sister and owning at least half the same brain)... check out the tat she got while at the convention! Recognize the clockwork? My second RockLove tat, and first real self-branded d

Off to bed now - this week will be a frantic game of catch up as I regain my footing and prep for some huge future press!

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Great pictures! Looks like you had a blast!

June 15, 2009 at 7:49 AM

Nice! I like the close up photo you chose, with the silver dress.

June 15, 2009 at 8:39 AM

I suppose, you'll sleep when you're dead right? Wait...I've said that to you before...man you need some sleep.

June 18, 2009 at 5:34 AM

you look like you're having a ton of fun... now when are you going to come to australia to sell your wares??? the look of the day here seems to be sexy librarian, and everyone's got bangs (which they call fringe)... i dunno, I just miss you. You look great in those photos!
Wish I could help you out with the jewelery production... dah well.

Take care love.

June 18, 2009 at 7:46 PM

Wow, looks like you had a ridiculously good time.

June 23, 2009 at 8:23 AM

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