2/17/09 - A Magical Day in Manhattan  

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I love living in New York City - magical things can happen both when you A) open your mouth when you shouldn't and B) sit quietly and listen when you don't have the time.

Today I had a few business meetings in Manhattan, starting downtown and working my way up. Rising early to finish shipping out 30 more Repo Scalpel Necklaces at the post, my first stop is Union Square. Meeting in Barnes & Noble to pick up the latest Gothic Beauty Magazine (in wh
ich Repo, Dances of Vice, and my Clockwork Earrings are all featured), I hand off some stuff to Bianca, a fellow shadow cast member for this weekend's Wicked Faire.

Then onto Herald Square, in which I am hand delivering a custom Lust Chain and Medallion Necklace to a customer; for his very lucky girlfriend's birthday. Graciously he buys me a frappuccino before returning to work in the Empire State Building. Me and my loud mouth, I notice a man and his friend waiting for java behind me - one is stunningly dressed in a burgundy buttoned shirt, black vest, tucked tie accented by a cameo pin - I am impressed by his gothic aristocratic flair. Additionally offset by a pocket watch and layers of heavy silver chain bracelets, I have to compliment him on how fabulous he looks. "Steampunk" is one of the first words out of his mouth and before I know it, introductions are made and I am invited to enjoy my coffee at their table (at which there was a black top hat with small animal skull - vole? - waiting with their overcoats).

The man happens to be Steward Noack - the very steampunk photographer and engineer who is pictured on my website and myspace! The previous MTV Steampunk feature pauses on him and his monocle contrapti
on when not playing...

He also is a fan of Repo, attends Dances of Vice, and runs in the same circle... as I listen to the sounds of the world shrinking, I then find out that the other man is even more familiar.

Steven Ellis is an award-winning fantasy illustrator and comics creator with such work as Magic Cards, Vampire Masquerade, World of Warcraft, High Moon... in fact, I'm pretty sure that as I look at my bookshelf, I have his work in numerous volumes. Secretly geeking out (or not so surreptitious after he stumbles upon my blog) he grants me a collage print copy and signs it.

After realizing at least an hour has gone by discussing steamy culture, Fangoria, business, future projects, and watching my favorite Steampunk Duel Video on YouTube, Steward goes back to work and Steve and I depart for the subway. As he and I part ways I recognize the violinist playing on the platform... Julliard trained James Graseck.

James and I have spoken before when I've either see him in Herald Square's subway or the Ferry Station of Staten Island... today he remembers me, my violinist to fashion designer career, and plays my beloved Monti Csardas and Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade. I sit for an hour on the R/W track enjoying his exceptional technique, enthusiastic conversation, and a cordial attit
ude to listeners you don't often witness on the streets of Manhattan. Then, much to my surprise, an entire 5 person camera crew descends upon him - behold, he is being interviewed and filmed for a German TV show (see his website, he is quite acclaimed). I too am recorded as he and I chat about baroque and Paganini, before finally I jump onto a train after an hour and a half underground.

Now home and at my jewelry bench, I reflect upon the amazing opportunities and people we often neglect while forging through the daily grind. Today I am inspired by comic art, victorian fashion, classical music, and the openness of human spirit when like minds meet.

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Only in New York I suppose, one could have a day such as this, ah well.

February 18, 2009 at 5:27 AM

I just have to comment because I LOVE the animated short you posted. I saw it in 2007 at the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater program and it was one of my favorites of the night. Just brilliant.

(pssst... now that I'm actually a member of the workforce again, I have my eye on some of your pieces. Especially since I'm getting ridiculous amounts of overtime at the moment.)

February 18, 2009 at 8:23 AM

Reading your blog makes me wish I lived somewhere cool again. But alas, for the moment I am stuck in the land of corn and soy fields! By the way, I really love your new website design. Good luck with all of the scalpels; I'm still honored to have one from the very first run :D

February 18, 2009 at 9:07 AM

Ahh, New York!!

February 18, 2009 at 12:32 PM

WOW...i dont think anything like that would happen in Rhode Island.

February 18, 2009 at 5:17 PM

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