1/28/09 - Pirate Tam  

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I'm completely overwhelmed... coming off Repo Road Tour 3, when the two weeks prior I had anywhere between 1-5 guests crashing in my NYC apartment. Family stuff in St. Louis before continuing home... where has the entire month gone?!

I'm no rock star but currently I feel as though I've walked onto a stage to shout:

*a voice from the silent audience*
"This is Detroit, you jerk!"

I posted all kinds of announcements on my website, Etsy store, MySpace that I was not going to be in the studio and jewelry would not begin shipping until after January 26th. Assuming that I would get few to no orders as everyone recovered from the holidays, I'm now swamped with maybe 35 pieces to get out the door. Not to mention Darren (director of Repo) wants me to re-release Scalpel necklaces asap.

*huddles into a little ball* It's damn near time I hire an official assistant. I have an intern all summer, Rena, for whom I cannot wait!

But the guiding light as I stress... check out the pictures at my new handknit skull and cross bones tam! My mum made it for me ::in a day!:: while I was in St. Louis! What do you think?

1/27/09 - Repo Opera  

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Admittedly I've been MIA lately - busy with exciting new collaborations, cross country tours, vending and more, but NOT very good at keeping you all updated. I've created this blog, which I will update every Monday (if not more frequently) with the latest RockLove news. What shows, what cities, what projects, you will all be the first to know!

The big news, in case you somehow missed it:

September 2008 to January 2009

RockLove works with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures film "Repo! The Genetic Opera" to create official limited edition Repo-Man scalpel necklace merchandise. All proceeds go to the Repo Road Tour (of which we've now completed 3), bringing the film across the country for live Rocky Horror-styled showings!

Four hundred and fifty necklaces sold in a span of mere weeks availible; I had to declare them sold out to catch up! It's been a phenomenon, garnering publicity not just due to the uniqueness of the movie, but for the guerrilla style marketing it has innovated. Director Darren Lynn Bousman (of the Saw series) and Terrance Zdunich (creator; Graverobber) treck tirelessly to bring the film to rabid fans, dressed to the nines in goth opera finery singing and dancing in the aisles. The collaboration continues so stay tuned for much more information about conventions, showings, and tour stops.

And shhh... the necklace WILL have an exclusive limited re-release!

Check out the REPO WEBSITE