2/19/09 - RockLove is at Wicked Faire!  

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RockLove is at Wicked Faire - thank you for your patience as I return from a weekend packed with Repo performing, steampunk nomadic belly dancing, boozing, schmoozing, and... well... NOT sleeping.

ewelry will be shipped out immediately upon my return! After a nap.

Wicked Faire Extravaganza

2/17/09 - A Magical Day in Manhattan  

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I love living in New York City - magical things can happen both when you A) open your mouth when you shouldn't and B) sit quietly and listen when you don't have the time.

Today I had a few business meetings in Manhattan, starting downtown and working my way up. Rising early to finish shipping out 30 more Repo Scalpel Necklaces at the post, my first stop is Union Square. Meeting in Barnes & Noble to pick up the latest Gothic Beauty Magazine (in wh
ich Repo, Dances of Vice, and my Clockwork Earrings are all featured), I hand off some stuff to Bianca, a fellow shadow cast member for this weekend's Wicked Faire.

Then onto Herald Square, in which I am hand delivering a custom Lust Chain and Medallion Necklace to a customer; for his very lucky girlfriend's birthday. Graciously he buys me a frappuccino before returning to work in the Empire State Building. Me and my loud mouth, I notice a man and his friend waiting for java behind me - one is stunningly dressed in a burgundy buttoned shirt, black vest, tucked tie accented by a cameo pin - I am impressed by his gothic aristocratic flair. Additionally offset by a pocket watch and layers of heavy silver chain bracelets, I have to compliment him on how fabulous he looks. "Steampunk" is one of the first words out of his mouth and before I know it, introductions are made and I am invited to enjoy my coffee at their table (at which there was a black top hat with small animal skull - vole? - waiting with their overcoats).

The man happens to be Steward Noack - the very steampunk photographer and engineer who is pictured on my website and myspace! The previous MTV Steampunk feature pauses on him and his monocle contrapti
on when not playing...

He also is a fan of Repo, attends Dances of Vice, and runs in the same circle... as I listen to the sounds of the world shrinking, I then find out that the other man is even more familiar.

Steven Ellis is an award-winning fantasy illustrator and comics creator with such work as Magic Cards, Vampire Masquerade, World of Warcraft, High Moon... in fact, I'm pretty sure that as I look at my bookshelf, I have his work in numerous volumes. Secretly geeking out (or not so surreptitious after he stumbles upon my blog) he grants me a collage print copy and signs it.

After realizing at least an hour has gone by discussing steamy culture, Fangoria, business, future projects, and watching my favorite Steampunk Duel Video on YouTube, Steward goes back to work and Steve and I depart for the subway. As he and I part ways I recognize the violinist playing on the platform... Julliard trained James Graseck.

James and I have spoken before when I've either see him in Herald Square's subway or the Ferry Station of Staten Island... today he remembers me, my violinist to fashion designer career, and plays my beloved Monti Csardas and Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade. I sit for an hour on the R/W track enjoying his exceptional technique, enthusiastic conversation, and a cordial attit
ude to listeners you don't often witness on the streets of Manhattan. Then, much to my surprise, an entire 5 person camera crew descends upon him - behold, he is being interviewed and filmed for a German TV show (see his website, he is quite acclaimed). I too am recorded as he and I chat about baroque and Paganini, before finally I jump onto a train after an hour and a half underground.

Now home and at my jewelry bench, I reflect upon the amazing opportunities and people we often neglect while forging through the daily grind. Today I am inspired by comic art, victorian fashion, classical music, and the openness of human spirit when like minds meet.

2/13/09 - Valentine's Day with Dances of Vice  

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I've spent the past 3 days thinking it was Tuesday (ah, the confusion instilled when you work 7 days a week and don't have a "real job") - whoops, now it's Friday which means that tomorrow is V-Day!

My krew, Chris, and I are going to Dances of Vice's Valentine VooDoo Rhythms party... a New Orleans inspired 1920's-40's event in which the catch line is "booze fueled voodoo carnival styled love songs." Don't yet know what I'm going to wear, but I can't wait; nothing says fun to this little lass like an elegant speak easy with a loud brass band, flowing hooch, and the charleston!

2/10/09 - Repo Scalpel Necklace Back On Sale!  

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EXCLUSIVE SCALPEL NECKLACE for the Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures film "REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA" - this is official commissioned merchandise made solely by RockLove and worn by the cast and crew themselves. For more details on this cult-classic in the making, go to the film's website.

All proceeds go to fund the REPO ROAD TOURS! Keep your eyes to
the Repo website and Forum for more information regarding future events and the long waited UK Tour. Thank you for all your support!

Hand carved and cast in top quality hypo-allergenic fine sterling silver, the Repo-Man's scalpel spans 2 inches long for a delicate but dangerous allure. Double bladed just like you'll see in the movie! Hanging from your choice of 16", 18", or 20" sterling silver ball chain, the piece as been oxidized and repolished for maximum contrast and a glowing depth of color. These are limited and will be NUMBERED on the back! We SOLD OUT at 450, but now back by popular demand (and a few death threats if we didn't put them back for sale!)

2/7/09 - Julie Beck  

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A lovely surprise - one of my customers, Julie Beck, wore a RockLove 16" Anchor Necklace for her first official gallery showing. Check out pictures from the event on her blog.

Julie's gorgeous paintings and prints are available for purchase at her Etsy store. I personally have been oogling a few for my walls a long time now, and may petition her to sell me a skeleton key print for my studio.

2/7/09 - The Worst Party EVER!  

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Chris and I just returned from a great night of drinks and burgers with two of my friends, Nate and Jen, with whom I lived in Italy. The evening was full of laughter and reminiscing until we agreed to escort Nate to an ex-roommate's party - someone he lived with freshman year at Brown.

This was epically bad - the worst party I have ever been to. So terrible, in fact, that Chris and I felt the urge to sit here at 2am (yes, we had to escape before midnight) and BLOG about the traumatic experience.

We walk in to terrible music; a
compilation of bad rap, emo, and miscellaneous non-hit wonders from the 80's. I am more than happy to enjoy those fabulous tunes from 25 years ago, but these didn't even grace the top 50's charts.

Swarming through the sea of Ivy-league graduates, I grab some beers for my krew, quickly burning bridges by uttering a snobbish faux pas. The booze choices are Budweiser bottles or Bud Light
cans. I ask "does anyone have the bottle opener?" to which a few people give me unfriendly looks saying "it's domestic - it's a twist off."

"Oh. Thank you."

"Yah sorry, we're not as classy here."

Cue me slinking off with my shitty beer back to the comforting embrace of my equally appalled friends. We then survey the room to find these additional horrors:

- The kids weren't even hipsters, despite being in the East Village. Even that would have been a welcomed semblance of something recognizable.
- One guy is wearing brown leather loafers,
no socks, pink denim shorts, and a red plaid shirt. Really?!

- A veritable plethora of sweater vests, polos, and button down shirts. Not even paired with khakis, one guy had white pants with vertical blue stripes.
- 7 of the girls (yes I counted) were wearing scarves indoors despite the unseasonably warm weather and indoor heat. At least 1 of them was a keffiyeh.
- The guys
were all getting out their blackberrys to compare and discuss if they removed that protective clear vinyl off the screen. Obviously this means they are new to the phones, so they still think it means they are higher in the social pecking order. To this, Chris and I pull out our original iPhones and roll eyes.
- Three quarters of the girls were wearing ballet flat slippers, with two wearing the exact same pair of silver metallic pointy-toed flats.
- To match her shiny shoes, one of said girls (who was on the heavier side) was wearing a pair of blue metallic spandex leggings and a short top that did not cover her voluminous lamee ass. American Apparel "Night Fever Navy" in case you are interested.

There was one chick who looked pretty cool... turned out she was visiting from France. The rest of the girls were sitting all together a la high school dance on one side of the room while the guys spouted things like "still working on my PhD" and "so are you in for Ireland this year" in little circles around the apartment.

American-brewed beers were quickly consumed - Chris and I retreated for the door despite the free booze and obviously riveting conversation this soiree had to offer.

HOWEVER: The saving grace of the evening was this hilarious website forwarded to me by my Jewish mother... My favorite is "Health Care."

Old Jews Tellin
g Jokes

2/6/09 - September Mourning  

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Announcing a brand new collaboration! The band September Mourning will soon be bleeding our ears dry with their industrial/metal/pop rocking...

Click the link to enjoy their sound:

September Mourning Website

The lead singer, the exuberant and stunning M Lazar has been a friend of mine for a while now. With three seperate careers under her belt, she went from being a professional ballerina and high end model to punk rocker. Not to mention she studied nuclear fusion in college - a slammin' body AND a brain! My favorite party and shopping buddy, it's been an amazing journey watching her ba
ttle with contracts, managers, and the creative process. Tooth and nail, this band has worked tirelessly and now they are ready to unveil... and check out their sponsorship! Holy hell, they will be headlining tours within the year, mark my words.

RockLove has been sponsoring M in her pursuit, and now I have the fortune to help them create some very unique merch. Going to one of their first open shows next week, I can't wait! Stay tuned for more updates about September Mourning, our collaboration, and M and my ridiculous antics in the wee dawn hours of downtown Manhattan...

2/4/09 - Rodrigo Y Gabriela  

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2/4/09 - Picture of the Day  

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Adara, my 75lb long-haired German Shepherd just turned two years old this Christmas.

A winter dog at heart, her favorite snowy pastimes are catching snowballs and licking the ice off the ground. This picture, captured this morning, is worth a lot more than 1000 words...

(do yourself a favor - click on the image for a closer look so you can fully appreciate the freakishness of this shot!)

2/3/09 - Genterns...  

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A wee update about Wicked Faire:

I will be performing in the Shadow Cast as a scantily clad Gentern... yes mother, won't you be proud. With confidence, I can say, you all will be impressed by my mastery of "Testify's" choreography... in 7 inch platform stilettos.

The following n
ight, during the Steampunk Fashion show, I will be belly dancing - a type of nomadic fusion steampunk folkloric industrial belly dance gemish extroidinare. I spent about 2 hours today working out (with my 10lb scimitar) and realize I'm am quite out of shape. It's been over a year since I've taught professionally here in NYC - now I hover about a foot above ground when attempting the splits.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - "Diablo Rojo" is my new favorite video... flamenco guitar is so sexy.

2/2/09 - Where the Hell did January Go?!  

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It's February! When the hell did that happen?! January was a blur of guests, road tour, visiting my family, then scrambling to get jewelry out the door. Now it's a new month, a short month, and don't even get me started stressing out about taxes.

This weekend, the boyfriend Chris and I went to Philly to visit our Repo Krew. I learned how to order a cheesesteak like a native and proudly rattled off my "wizz wit, wizz witout wit mushrooms, provolone witout wit mushrooms" choices. Poor Kilz (Chris' nickname - from here on out, I will use both, but I swear I'm only living with one man) got his first dose of female slumber party, subjected to 5 enthusiastic women, all theater performers, and the movie 'Bring It On' *wince*

My plate for February:

6-8: NYC Comic Con in which I am reuniting with my friends from Italy

14: Dances of Vices Valentines Day VooDoo Rhythms party (Don Hill's 7-11pm)

19-22: Wicked Faire in New Jersey (in which I will be Shadow Casting a Gentern for Repo)

25: Anti-Mag presents my friend's accessory company "Glampire" (Madame X's 7pm)

Wicked Faire should be especially exciting; though I'm not attending as RockLove the vendor, I will be performing in the first American and first FULL professional shadow cast of 'Repo! ' - that means real singing and stagework for the entirety of the movie. The rest of the time I plan to enjoy the convention's events, along a steampunk theme... Here's hoping I win the Steampunk Fashionshow Competition (the prizes look scrumptious)! I'm confident that at least my unique Ethnic Nomadic Time Traveler look will open others to the notion that one can be steamy without wearing Victorian gowns and clockwork monacles. Don't get me wrong, I am in awe of that garb... but it just doesn't resonate with me as much as a 200 year old Ottoman coat over a Ghawazee and handmade leather, brass, and stone utility belt.

The rest of the time I will be personal body-guard for Repo creator/Graverobber Terrance Zdunich, deflecting rabid fan-girls and gothapottimi with The Force. (ps - my spellcheck for some reason did not dispute the non-term gothapottimi

Wicked Faire - Ticket and Event Info

If you are in the Tri-State area, come hang out and party with us!
My gentern costume is so short it should be illegal, so I promise a good time! *facepalm*